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2015 was a great year! It was also a hard year in so many areas. It was a year of growth both with our family(welcoming Silas) and personal growth knowing more who I am and what I need to be the best wife, friend, mentor, person I can be. One goal for 2015 was happiness, […]

This is a post I have been prolonging and I know exactly why, but as 2015 is coming to a close this is a post that needs to be made. I am a girl that likes challenges and excitement. Being able to capture love at weddings for the last 6 years has been of one […]

One of my FAVORITE things to do every year is our Christmas Card!!!! I look back over the last 9 (yes I have been married 9 years… yikes) and I love seeing how we have changed and grown as a family. But why I really love it so much is I know when people open […]

I love this family. You know when you meet someone and you can tell that they have such a genuine zest for life and for people. Cheryl and Eric have brought such a light to our community and also to my world. They are neighbors of mine and unfortunately about a month ago their house […]