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How YOU feel determines how much energy you exert. If you are not feeling well you will do the bare minimum to get by. If you are feeling optimal, you will be able to function at your peak, which is when you will have the strength to make changes in your life and chase those dreams of […]

I feel like it is this simple. If we are not healthy and in a good state of mind we will not push our lives or ourselves forward. I say this a lot but health, getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating the right foods is something that I feel like is omitted or not talked […]

Health…. it really is one of the most important aspects of our life. Getting healthy is not just working out. It is the food you eat, your immune system, your mental state, it really is, to me, my state of happiness and contentment! I want to invite you to join us as we embark on a […]

When being asked what are the top 5 things I would recommend to start skyrocketing productivity and efficiency to make it through the last two month of the year these are the things I would recommend. 1. Set a day for organization. Say what? Yes, get organized! Is your desk a mess? Digital folders and […]