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San Francisco. What a beautiful city filled with so much character! This was my first time ever visiting San Francisco and it did not disappoint.  The ornate houses that are nestled together, the Golden Gate Bridge that takes your breath away thinking of the construction and design of it all, the food, the culture and doing a little shopping/eating […]

I shared that I was nervous speaking in Boston at the Harvard conference, but what I didn’t fully share is I actually kind of enjoy the nerves. I don’t know if it is competition, growing up with brothers, or that I just like a good ol’ challenge, but when I am nervous it means I […]

I actually wrote this post last Friday. Today, we should be traveling home to resume our normal routine. One of my favorite things to do is travel! To explore! I seriously don’t take vacations to escape my own life, but to seek adventure. This past week my husband and I slipped away to Boston and Nantucket […]

Last week was such am awesome week in Florida at Panama City Beach! Just wishing I had a button to freeze time. I am so proud of my boys! People on the beach would stop and say, “You have your hands full”… or “Wow, three boys”… you know what… I LOVE IT!!! I love them so so […]